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We cultivate relationships with other entities to enhance the quality of services and supports to the people we serve.
By promoting access to varied, vocational opportunities that are based on individual choice and designed for inclusion, we work to ensure everyone has the tools they need in order achieve their goals and dreams!

Chief Executive Officer:

Oversees all facets or organization and works with board to achieve mission. Supervises the senior management team including but not limited to the Directors of Programs, QA/Compliance and Finance, the Office Manager and provides overall guidance and direction to the management team. Serves as a primary liaison with Department of Human Services and other key government entities.

Director of Programs

Supervises the program management triangle teams (4) that include; (1) a QIDP, (2) an RN and (3) a program manager. Oversees day-to-day service delivery to all people supported.

Director of QA/Compliance

Oversees the QA Team including the Incident Management Coordinator, Training Coordinator, QA/RN, QA Records Specialists and Business Development/Operations Manager. Develops plans of correction as required and policy revisions, updates and new policies.

Director of Finance

Oversees billing, budgets, spending and financial record-keeping as well as finance policies and protocols; supervises all finance staff; serves as primary liaison for banking personnel and finance relevant government staff. Oversees cost report development and submission and external auditing and audit follow up based on findings. Develops and presents financial reports to the Board of Directors.

Business Development/Operations Manager

Assists the CEO in developing new service sites per the requests of people supported, new vehicle purchases and vehicle upkeep and with developing proposals for new business and grant opportunities. Assists with modifications and updates of the MOP communications systems including but not limited to the web site, Facebook page and twitter account.


Lead the interdisciplinary team for each person supported; oversees implementation of each person’s individual support plan and develops the SMARTER goals for each person supported, develops documentation systems and trains staff on proper implementation of the goals. Serves as primary liaison with the DDS Service Coordinators assigned.


Oversee the delivery of medical services and supports to each person supported including but not limited to; (1) medication administration, (2) clinical specialist appointment follow up, (3) the development and updates for Health Care Management Plans and Health Passports. Trains staff on proper implementation of treatments and follow up that fall within their purview. Serves as primary liaison with the assigned DDS RN.

Program Managers

Supervise the DSP staff and oversee day-to-day activities for the people assigned and locations assigned. Ensures effective home upkeep, vehicle upkeep, appropriate food and supply shopping and other activities of daily living.

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