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Each one of our staff members LOVE supporting people with disabilities through Person Centered planning, Respect, Independence, Dignity, Assistive Technology, Residential Services, empower and encourage self advocacy, support, assist with daily living skills

Reviews and approves the MOP technology plan; directs implementation of the plan in macro fashion by supervising the management team members in the completion of their relevant duties; mandates and oversees revisions in the plans and/or the associated protocols and procedures adopted as needed and guides the team in the overall implementation of the MOP vision for enhancing the use of technology to increase the level of independence for people supported. Develops budgets in collaboration with the Directors of Programs and Finance.

Provides technical assistance to team members in; (1) developing person-centered technology support plans; (2) in seeking appropriate vendors for the supports targeted; (3) in training staff and people supported in using such technology and (4) in monitoring the effective implementation of the person-centered plans and the safe use of the technology obtained. Provides ETIS systems support.


Directors of operations are responsible for everything from negotiations, budgeting, and purchasing. They’re especially skilled at developing long-term operational strategies, working closely with senior management to meet company objectives.

Directly supervises the work of the Triangle Teams in the implementation of person-centered plans; (2) reviews person-specific plans for SMARTER goals relevant to the use of technology; (3) via routine reporting by the triangle team members and spot audit review data from the QA Team, ensures that follow up

A director of health services oversees the health services department and conducts assessments to ensure that the resident care needs are met. They provide team member direction, service planning, and coordination of care to meet the residents changing needs.

Ensures via the QA Team that technology support audit considerations are added to the routine auditing conducted by the QA team and that audits are completed routinely to track consistency of implementation; (3) provides reports to the Director of Programs, the CEO and the relevant triangle team members for issues found during the internal audit process; and collects follow up reports from the relevant triangle team outlining the completion of the needed action steps required based on the issues discovered. Develops tech goals for the internal QA improvement plan in collaboration with the CEO and Director of Programs; monitors progress at minimum quarterly

Establishes budgets in collaboration with the CEO; oversees cost management and oversees billing and billing modifications needed

Developmental disabilities professional means a person who has specialized training and three years of experience in directly treating or working with persons with developmental disabilities and is a psychiatrist or psychologist, or a social worker, and such other developmental disabilities professionals as may be defined by rules adopted by the secretary.

Provides technical support to team members as required on proper use of equipment, particularly equipment that is electronic and supervises the IT consultant in following up on IT concerns that affect the proper use of technology supports. Also assists in purchasing or obtaining equipment from the identified vendors and in maintaining the vendor listing and contact information.

Addresses and resolves IT concerns as needed, particularly those that affect implementation of the use of technology put in place for specific people and specific purposes

Coordinates tech training sessions for new staff and incumbent staff

Recruits new staff, provides initial feedback about tech training and program implementation duties and supports the coordination of new hire orientations that include an introduction to tech support training


Each of these staff positions require at a minimum a bachelors degree in a human service field of study, at least three years of previous experience working in a residential setting with persons diagnosed with mental retardation or other developmental disabilities, and previous supervisory experience.

Each home has a Residence Manager, who has at least a high school education, preferably a college degree, with a minimum of one year in the field. The Residence Manager is responsible for day-to- day activities in the home including grocery shopping, meal preparation, transportation, medical appointments, and money management.

The Residence Manager hires and supervises the frontline staff, referred to as counselors. The counselors are required to have a high school diploma or GED with a minimum of one-year experience in the field. The number of counselors in each home depends on the number and level of care needs of the individuals being served. This ranges from 24 hour supervision with a one to two staff ratio in the Intermediate Care Facilities, to a minimum of ten hours of drop-in supervision per week in the Semi-Independent Apartments

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