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My Own Place Inc.
Formerly known as the Arc of the DIstrict of Columbia Residential Support Services 
A Life of Independence and Dignity
Support Services

Maximizing Individuals Strengths and Needs for Assistance

Experienced, well-trained staff assist each participant in developing an Individual Service Plan which specifies the participants needs and provides strategies for maximizing the individuals' strengths and needs for assistance in the following areas:   Physical and Emotional Health Recreation/Leisure Adaptive Skills Social Skills Religious Expression Staff with expertise in each of these areas participate in preparing the Individual Support Plan.  The Plan is then implemented by a Qualified Developmental Disabilities Professionals, the Residence Manager other frontline staff.  The Individual Support Plan specifies how each person's individualized comprehensive services plan will be carried out.  Many participants have court appointed attorneys and have an annual status court hearing to insure that the Individual Support Plan is appropriate and being implemented in a timely manner.  The Qualified Developmental Disabilities Professional monitors the progress of the Individual Support Plan and documents that progress regularly. According their Plan, each individual is provided with continuing training and instruction to maintain their current level of functioning or to develop new skills.  This training includes:    Daily Living Activities washing dishes and clothes preparing meals housekeeping  Self Help bathing grooming shaving dressing hair care Community Safety and Survival crossing the street travel training ordering in a restaurant what to do in an emergency Social Skills participating in community events leisure activities  Religious Expression  participating in religious services