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My Own Place Inc.
Formerly known as the Arc of the DIstrict of Columbia Residential Support Services 
A Life of Independence and Dignity
Residential Services

Living as Independently as Possible

The primary focus of My Own Place is to assist individuals in living their lives as independently as possible. Presently there are two different residential models in which 62 individuals reside: Independent Apartments This program offers the opportunity for participants to live alone or with a roommate.  Drop-in staff supervise participants  on a daily basis.  Individuals who live in independent apartments have demonstrated independence in survival skills and are generally diagnosed with borderline to mild mental retardation. There are currently 23 participants living in 15 apartments - 16 live in two-bedroom apartments and two live alone. Community Residence Facilities This program is designed for participants who require more skill development and training than those in the Semi-Independent Apartment program.  The participants are generally diagnosed with moderate mental retardation and receive staff supervision 24 hours a day.  Many of these individuals have demonstrated some survival skills, which may permit them to have up to three hours of unsupervised time per day. The Community Residence Facilities program currently has 25 participants living in nine apartments and one home. These apartments and homes are located throughout the District of Columbia and Maryland, and are currently at full capacity.  Each apartment and home is fully equipped and to meet the participants individual needs.  A barrier free environment including ramps, roll-in showers, lower sinks, handrails, raised toilet seats, is provided as needed.  The individual's preferences  and needs are considered.  They are assisting in choosing household furnishings, clothes, personal items, and in meal planning.